Monday, June 8, 2009

New Baby

Wowzer! gasped New Daddy. It was midnight and baby was awake for the 200th time today. New Mommy had been busy doing laundry, but rushed to check on New Baby. "No, no," said New Daddy, who had been relaxing by playing video games. "I'm always eager to help with the baby. I'll go." New Mommy was doubtful since this was only the first time that New Daddy had offered to help. In fact, New Daddy was more inclined to snack on potato chips while sitting on the table, watching Medical Mysteries. New Mommy knew that she should happily accept, because New Daddy might not offer again!


  1. LOL, I like the "I'm always eager" part even though it was the first time he offered to help.

  2. Awwww babies are so cute but it is nicer when they are not your own baby. I do not miss the sleepless nights.