Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day with a Broken Nose

Being that this is my very first post ever and not really knowing how all this works I am just winging this so if you read this forgive my noviceness of the blog.
First off my name is Melissa, I am a 33 year old mother of 2. I am very active, besides the fact that I am constantly chasing around my 7 & 4 year olds, 2 dogs, and 4 cats to make sure everyone is fed and properly taken care of, simultaneously being chased by my adorable yet often not-given-enough attention hubby of almost 10 years.....I also go to the gym daily and play in a co-ed soccer team.
Playing soccer is a much loved activity that I just recently picked up. My hubby is somewhat of a brilliant player (in my eyes at the very least) and loves the sport and after my first child was born I started playing to get some exercise and to have an activity that we could share together. Now, I love this game but am far from a brilliant or even average player. I can hustle and pride myself in just being able to keep up with the running aspect of the game. Also, I am competitive and love to win but am not someone that would intentionally cause another person pain.
For some reason in co-ed soccer most of the teams that I have encountered over the five years that I have been playing think that this level of play is going to put them on the road to the World Cup. I can usually identify these individuals that have these delusions of grandeur and usually try and avoid them. This last Friday night I encounter someone who thought they were the next Mia Hamn playing in the lower league of an adult soccer team. She had more skills than I did and obviously had played soccer in high school or college and she was out there to win the game. I was feeling a little competitive I guess on Friday and when my usual voice of reason that was shouting STAY AWAY FROM THE SOCCER CRAZED LADY!!!! My competitiveness won over my actions when the soccer ball came my way screaming my name to header it over to my team mate. I could see the mini-Mia running at me like a crazed bull as I jumped into the air and connected with the ball....unfortunately at that moment "Mia" connected with my nose in a loud crunch that made my team members cringe on the sidelines.
I attended church this morning unable to concentrate on my pastors message because I had taken 2 pain pills and was just lucky I wasn't drooling through the service. My family looked lovely though and am very appreciative that no one stared at my swollen face and black eyes.
So, here I sit with a swollen broken nose with two black eyes, preparing to make my appointments with the ENT and schedule my nose surgery. Thinking of what one of my teammates said.....the most important thing is that you won the ball! At the same time I am thinking about all that my Savior was suffering all those many years ago and how he won victory over death!!!!! He won which means he extended his victory to us so that we might overcome the obstacles of this life as well.
So, here it is my first blog....Happy Easter everyone.

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